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Amie Zuniga: New Opportunities for Working Mother

A single mother, Amie ZunigaAmieZuniga_ABC-TV need to focus on the present – supporting her family – not her past. But her past created challenges for her to find gainful employment because of two felony convictions for property theft. For years Amie struggled for years to find full-time employment because of the stigma of those convictions.

The future has started to look brighter, though. Under Proposition 47, Amie is now eligible to have her charges lowered to misdemeanors. She filed a petition with the court to request changing those felonies to misdemeanors. If approved, she’ll finally be able to put her Medical Assistant training to use with a new job that pays enough to support her family – and a chance to help others and give back to her community.

“My past was my past. I did some things that were wrong, and it’s not who I am anymore,” Amie said. “I look forward to being a soccer mom and working in the medical field and just being a citizen.”


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